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Within a period of 2+ years, AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has evolved as one of the Top Web Designers .The unmatched assistance provided by 80+ dedicated employees has enabled us to engage visitors from the US, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and across Globe.

HTML5 Apps Development

AppSquadz Technologies is a well-known HTML5 app development company in the UK. We are known for creating distinctive HTML5 apps development services which are scalable, sustainable, and securable. Our committed developers and HTML5 CSS designers are experienced in designing as well as developing applications that complement the purpose of your project and targeted audience.

HTML5 comes with a lot of advantages to its users, such as new Geolocation APIs, Client-side database, Offline Application Cache, Embedding Audio/ Video, Thread-like Operation, and much more. This language serves the purposes of every platform with a single code. We are capable of unleashing open web technologies like HTML, CSS, WOFF, SVG, and many more to render worldwide user experience irrespective of the handset, browser, OS platform, and so on.

Our HTML5 Web Apps Development Services

  • Custom HTML5 Applications
  • HTML5 Web App Development
  • HTML5 Widget Development
  • Enterprise HTML5 Web Applications
  • Development of HTML5 Games
  • Development of HTML5 Mobile Application
  • Development of HTML5 Social Media Apps
  • HTML5 Apps Testing / Portability
  • HTML5 Support & Maintenance
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HTML5/CSS Design:
html app design company

Why to Choose Us for HTML5 Apps development services?

We have years of experienced in developing apps that offer excellent user navigation and browsing capabilities. Our apps are totally interactive and scalable. We provide customized services with low development costs along 24/7 availability and flawless customer support. Moreover, we have proven track record of executing successful project completion and deep expertise in CSS3 and JavaScript technologies.

100% Assurance Guaranteed: With AppSquadz, you can be assured of top-notch quality. Our expert squad makes sure that you get a robust HTML5 solution which suits your needs best. We are well-known for creating engaging sites and applications by making perfect use of this platform, hence offering value to your resources with utmost satisfaction.

Best Value Guaranteed: Every client’s requirement is different, as well as the budget constraints. We bring solutions as per the need of our client’s and within their budget without making any compromise in quality.

Experienced Squad with Specialized Skills: Our squad of developers is familiar with HTML5 and other platforms such as AJAX, WebGL, JQuery and CSS3 with lots of others. We craft brilliantly smart solutions not only for the web but also for the mobile platforms.

User-Friendliness Reloaded: With the development of HTML5 solutions, we try to redefine user-friendliness. Our solutions offer the users varied interactive features without the requirement of any external plug-ins. Once the user visits your website or app, they’ll surely come back for more.

Advantages with Appsquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“Responsive Designing defines the Utlimate Experience of Visitors & Users"

AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides Enhanced User Experience and Goal to satisfy our customer needs, providing the best value for the money. We provide a best platform that will provide quality output ensuring value to our customers business and mark their profitability. We have 10 years of experience Professionals and the champions Of Design, Development, Mobile Apps and Testing.

Strong competency in HTML5,CSS, JQuery, Javascript, Graphics, Wireframing for HTML5/CSS Responsive Designing.

15+ dedicated HTML5/CSS Responsive Designers

Mastering within tight time-to-market deadlines